Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Test, test and more testing

I recently did a number of tests for a flash designer's job. The first was a small cowboy game, but for some reason I can't get it working on blogger but you can have a go here if you like. It took me a day to design, draw animate and program, so excuse the crappy line quality and easiness of the game. One interview later I then had to proove myself further by making some graphics with a "comedy gold" theme.

But competition was fierce and had to do another test around the theme of "Rich Jetsetters". I didn't mind as the company looked a great place to work and I liked the artwork that was being produced.

And I got the job :D Definately worth it. After months of "Great work but we're not hiring" and "we'll contact you if we get some work" I've finally got a stimulating, creative enviroment to go to and get paid for it!

Now what follows is an art dump of stuff I've done recently, enjoy.


cjay79 said...

lol, love the Eddie Hitler pic. Like it man, your stuff is coming on leaps and bounds of what I can see!

Anonymous said...

amazed and proud! you're really talented. much love

Ash Collins said...

nice shit man. particularly liked eddie!