Sunday, December 17, 2006

Life drawing tid-bits

These are just a few life drawings from autumn/winter term. I've tried to do about 5 hours a week, at least 2 hours. I've still got alot to learn, but I really enjoy drawing from life. Working out the construction, line quality, weight and the other billion things you need to think about when drawing.

Shame col-erase doesn't scan well. I pretty much ignored using col-erase for anything but animation in my first two years at uni, but started to notice in other people's work how you can get such a variety of line, instead of swapping between different pencils.

I pretty much avoid the face like the plague. Mostly I run out of time, but if I'm honest, I have little to know idea of how to go about constructing the face. I'm learning, slowly, but need to do alot more work.

Monday, December 04, 2006


It's come to end of my pre-production fo y final year film! Those five weeks ZOOMED by!

I learnt so much from my second year film that I now want to apply to this one, especially how to design a character to animate, and how to avoid awkward movement.

It's a mamoth task I've taken on for the following few months, but can't wait until I see it all finished.