Wednesday, December 30, 2009


This is a test I did for a recent job application. A gorilla walking, waving, running and so on :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

The circle is complete

This is a documentary made a year ago when I was working in Cardiff. The company "Cyfle" were celebrating their 21 year anniversary and had a documentary made. It goes through two animation course they were running, one which I was on, and an animation day they had with guess speakers including Joanna Quinn (Girls Night Out, Britannia), JaKE (Prodigy, Mighty Boosh), Mike Ploog (Shrek, Ghost Rider) and Richard Williams (The animators survival kit, Who Framed Roger Rabbit). Happy memeories, except for my hair :S worked so hard didn't even have time for a hair cut :P

Cyfle Documentary: Digital Animation Schemes from Cyfle on Vimeo.

And now after a year working in London I'm going back to Cardiff to work on a tv show called "Happy Valley" (Cwm Teg). It's with a company called Dinamo. As much as I'll miss London I am looking forward to going back to a company where most of my friends from uni and past jobs work :D

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I find some time

Despite it being a very busy time in work and having freelance jobs on top of that I've managed to find some time over the last few months to do some images for myself, as well as picking up old "skills" (or lack of!).

For about two months I was without any internet, so to fill my time I thought it'd be cool to try building maquettes again, seeing as how I haven't tempted it since my first year of uni just about getting a passing grade! The photos below are off Red and Neville from "Moon Pirates", I made them over two seperate weekends. Red went alot better than Neville! I used way to much plastecine on poor old new who is now cracking and tilting under his own weight.

They're definately better than my last attempt, which isn't saying much, but they were really fun to make, might have a new hobby! In my internet down time I also did a few other drawings, vectors etc, here's a choice. I didn't want to make one long list of images you won't take in ;)