Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Test, test and more testing

I recently did a number of tests for a flash designer's job. The first was a small cowboy game, but for some reason I can't get it working on blogger but you can have a go here if you like. It took me a day to design, draw animate and program, so excuse the crappy line quality and easiness of the game. One interview later I then had to proove myself further by making some graphics with a "comedy gold" theme.

But competition was fierce and had to do another test around the theme of "Rich Jetsetters". I didn't mind as the company looked a great place to work and I liked the artwork that was being produced.

And I got the job :D Definately worth it. After months of "Great work but we're not hiring" and "we'll contact you if we get some work" I've finally got a stimulating, creative enviroment to go to and get paid for it!

Now what follows is an art dump of stuff I've done recently, enjoy.