Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Moon Pirates - the next film

So it was decided by a panel that out of six fresh great ideas from six different artists, that mine would be the one taken forward and made into a short animated film. Weeeeeee, so the stressful journey is undertaken to get it all completed. The other four guys and one gal working on it have already hit the ground running and have improved on my ideas and artwork considerably.
These are images I put together to pitch the idea. Don't think I'll post anything else about it until after it's finished in about 10 weeks.


Anonymous said...
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Allyn said...
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Ash Collins said...

FUCK ING sweet!

im glad ur idea got picked, its greta and i know you got the directorial skills tyo pull it all together!

lolu should delete ur spam!

Anonymous said...

that's amazing! you make me so proud, you do some really fabulous work! :) much love! xoxo